Two Crazy Kids
(G)  (F)  (G)

(G) On my honor I can say it's true, I had a real good time
(F) Slowing down was not the thing to (G) do
I can't wait until I'm old and gray, I got love on my mind
(F) I'm on a one-way ticket and the lady makes (G) two

Two (D) crazy kids in the world out there
(Em) Not much worse for the wear and tear
(G) Anyway, that's (C/G) where it's (G) at  (D)  (C)  (G)  (D)  (C)  (D)  (G)

Vancouver was a beautiful ride and Kalamazoo too
I had a little aggravation in between
We took a ride on the bus one day and we never returned
We got a little mixed up if you know what I mean


Mother told me this would never last, she said it was wrong
She said being lazy would not help
She said I was a problem child, but what can you do
But lighten up your load and tighten up your belt


(G) Let in the (C/G) dog and let (D) out the (G) cat  (D)  (C)  (D)
(G) Anyway that's (C/G) where it's (G) at  (D)  (C)  (D)
(G) Let in the (C/G) dog and let (D) out the (G) cat  (D)  (C)  (G)  (D)  (C)  (D)  (G)