Lake Tahoe, NV
Sahara - March 12, 1976

Sahara, Lake Tahoe

Debuting in the Nevada nitery scene, Gordon Lightfoot tries a weekender at Sahara Tahoe's big room backed only by a four-piece combo. The reason he explains from the stage is he had no string arrangements ready, but hopes to have them set for upcoming Los Angeles concert.

The absence of strings didn't affect the opening nighters, a surprisingly large number. Part of the size may be result of overflow here due to Vegas strike but enthusiasm points more to Lightfoot admiration. The singer deserves the following as he mellowly sings a series of ballads, love songs of sorts, and topical folksy-bent tunes with feeling and with a most expressive and clear voice. He is no showman, the act obviously his concert stance, no adjustment made for nitery style.

The audience brought him back for more and it all looked like a genuine encore, a rarity around here.