Los Angeles, CA
Universal Amphitheatre - July 29, 1976

July 29 had Lightfoot plunging into his set without being introduced and with only a wordless bow to the sellout crowd.  Before his 75 minutes were up though, the Reprise artist had infused quite a bit of good natured personality into his act.

This easy going approach was seen when Lightfoot broke a guitar string on the uptempo new song, Race Among The Ruins, and noted he wouldn't take time out to fix it because it won't change the sound much.

Toward the end of the show, before going into the gentle ballad, The Last Time I Saw Her, a loosened-up Lightfoot let off with a string of PG rated one-liners, many of them directed at members of his four-man backup unit.

During the set-closer of the infectious The Auctioneer, he kidded the audience not to clap because it would throw his rhythm.

Ironically, much of this casual rapport with the audience came about through jousting with them over the choice of material.  After opening with four songs from the new Summertime Dream album, Lightfoot noted that his criterion in selecting songs, which resulted in the omission of such old favorites as Carefree Highway and Rainy Day People, was an adherence to Shakespeare's adage, "to thine own self be true."

In opening his two song encore with the new tune, I'm Not Supposed To Care, he said, "This is just as good as Beautiful.  I have 120 songs on record and I can't do them all."

The 18 song set, which did include monster hits Sundown and If You Could Read My Mind, featured seven songs from the new album. 

The encore was closed out with Old Dan's Records and though there was demand for a second encore, Lightfoot simply returned on stage with his wife and took a bow.

Musically the set consisted of tight, tasteful, country-tinged pop material, all featuring excellent guitar work and Lightfoot's straightforward, unaffected, sincere vocals.