Westbury, NY
Westbury Music Fair - November 13, 1994


Gordon Lightfoot.  The Canadian singer-songwriter, just a few days short of his 55th birthday, revives the folk-rock 60's and the Beaujolais and Brie 70's, Sunday at Westbury Music Fair.  One of the few Canadian pop artists to enjoy broad commercial acceptance in the States, Gordon Lightfoot began his career as a folky songwriter whose work was turned into hits in the 60's by Ian & Sylvia and by Peter, Paul and Mary.  He recorded five albums before the breakthrough of If You Could Read My Mind in 1970.  Then came a long run of quintessential 70's pop albums that made Lightfoot a major part of the mellow singer-songwriter movement that included Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne and James Taylor. 

With the coming of punk in the late 70's and MTV in the early 80's, Lightfoot continued to tour but garnered little attention.  He seemed to be rejuvenated with his 1986 album, East Of Midnight.  Still, though he toured sporadically, he waited until last year to release his next album.  Entitled Waiting For You, it is a sparse recording that recalls his trademark musical sound.