My "" Commentary

After a brief one month hiatus, I'm back with the monthly commentary, thanks in large part to the many of you who took the time to send an email and express your disappointment when you discovered that the commentary was taken down in January. I knew by the stats that more than 1000 people read the commentary each month, but I was truly touched by many of your comments asking for me to reinstate the page. So, to begin again...

For those of you who do not know by now, Barry Harvey, Lightfoot's manager of 25 years, passed away suddenly this past December at the much too young age of 56.

He cut a larger than life figure in so many aspects of Lightfoot's professional activities since the early 80's and anyone who met him, soon came to realize his devotion and the single-minded attention he paid to "his" artist to ensure everything was taken care of - which included coordinating a myriad of details on a day to day basis - in a suitable manner which allowed Lightfoot to perform his music, free of distraction, at an optimun level. Barry wore two hats, as Lightfoot puts it, he was business manager and tour manager. It always comes to mind for me, the moment prior to Lightfoot's performance at Live 8 in July of 2006. The TV cameras, from a backstage vantage point caught the silhouettes of Lightfoot and Harvey standing in the wings as Lightfoot was being introduced. Then as Lightfoot strode off towards center stage, you could see Barry turn and pace anxiously out of view, knowing for the moment there was nothing more he could do. He had gotten the man there on stage, in his element, now the waiting, hoping, yet knowing, everything would work out. And of course it did - as usual - Lightfoot was again warmly received and heralded as a highlight of the show. That moment for me epitomizes the depth of devotion that Barry Harvey brought to Lightfoot and the band. I had the pleasure of meeting Barry on numerous occasions over the years and the kindness he extended to myself and my children, in word and deed, will be remembered always! You'll be missed...

The 2008 tour schedule continues to fill out. A US southeast tour is set for February. A midwest run in March and April, an Ontario tour in April and May, culminating with four nights at Massey Hall from May 7th to 10th and an east coast run is being put together for June. October is showing three California dates at present, with possibly more to be added. I hope to have more of those details soon.

Wayne Francis - February 2008