Divorce Country Style

(D) Lost in the waves, tossed by the wind am (G) I
(A) Caught like a ship in the grip of a wave on the (D) blue
Back in the country where mother nature is wasting her (G) time
(A) Take me away to the bar room, I'll stay til I'm (D) blind

Now I've told the lawyer that I think that the house should be mine
You take the car and the kids and I'll take the wine
And all of the money that we left down the road at the bank
Must be kept for the bail when they lock me away in the tank

Oh but the love that we tasted is over, 'tis too late to cry
I'll sip on the beer till my body comes through to the rye
I'll kiss all your roses because of the two lips I miss
Then leave by the back door, I'm sorry for parting like this

Lost in the waves and tossed by the wind am I
Like a horse with the heaves or a hired hand corned to the gills
Like a brown-eyed cow that can't find no cud to chew
Like an egg sucking dog on the lam, I'll be thinking of you

Lost in the waves, tossed by the wind am I
Like a goat that gets tangled in the clothes line in the backyard by the fence
I will leave the back forty like an outhouse blowing away
And live on the money that I get for recording this song for the rest of my days