The Doomsday Song

(D) While walking along by the (G) shoreline one (D) day
All (A) down by Lake (D) Erie where the (G) dead fishes (D) lay
I (A) spied a young
(D) maiden with a tear in her (A) eye
A- (D) breathing the (A) smoke from a (D) factory close (G) by
(D) Waiting for (A) doomsday to (D) come

She offered her hand and I offered mine
And we ran down the beach for a dip in the slime
When a body came floating right up to my feet
Ah, one that the mob had done in Sunday week
Which hadn't gone over the falls

  I called for the law, they said unto me
"A witness you are and a witness is she
We'll see you at the hearing for knowledge we thirst
That is if the mob doesn't get to you first"
Waiting for doomsday to come

She fled through the trash and the bottles and cans
  She beckoned unto me so with her I ran
I grabbed her and I held her at the end of the chase
Where a black iron pipe gushed industrial waste
By a rusty old girder we kissed

Then she took me home to a candlelit room
Right next to the freeway where the gasoline fumes
Made me so misty that I asked for her hand
And next came a letter from old Uncle Sam
Waiting for doomsday to come

The Canadian wilderness beckoned to me
But I wound up in 'Frisco and put out to sea
In boots manufactured by a capitalist square
And my rifle was made by a rich millionaire
Waiting for doomsday to come

While marching along through the jungle one day
I spied a young soldier on guard where he lay
He said, "I been sleeping since the rise of the sun,
When you came through the jungle did you see anyone
Waiting for doomsday to come"

He said with a grin, "It's been quite a year
For old politicians and young privateers
We crawl on our bellies, they lie on their backs
Trying to think of what else they can tax"
Waiting for doomsday to come

I said, "That's so true, but somehow I feel
That down in the darkness the reasons are real
And I've got a notion that things will work out"
"Get offa your keester," the captain did shout
Waiting for doomsday to come

"I don't know what's wrong with you kids of today
You've too many questions and too much to say
You smoke marijuana and it's my belief
You'd rather make love than go out on a beef"
Waiting for doomsday to come

"You talk of the poor, you say they're hard done
That rats are unhealthy, but I think they're fun
They're brown and they're cuddly and make real good pets
And when baby gets bitten she never forgets
What a wonderful lesson to learn"

"And if you should see a small man dressed in black
Don't say 'Hello Charlie', just kill him that's that
Don't try no karate it just will not pay
They know bugger all 'bout that shit anyway"
Waiting for doomsday to come

"And if you wake up and you can't find your leg
Don't worry 'bout nothing, your bills will be paid
And the country will love you, they'll treat you like a king
They'll give you a new one and it won't cost a thing"
Waiting for doomsday to come

While loading supplies on the delta one time
For my comrades in action on hill forty-nine
I heard two men talking 'bout business and such
Oh, one said, "How many", the other, "How much"
Waiting for doomsday to come

I pointed my gun, my whistle I blew
I called an official who said, "What's with you
Why they just came to borrow a few odds and ends
And what they can't sell they just give to their friends
Waiting for doomsday to come

So I got discharged and away I did roam
Across the blue water to the old folks at home
They hugged me and kissed me and fed me real nice
With a cold TV dinner and chicken fried rice
Waiting for doomsday to come

Then I said goodbye to the ones I hold dear
The time for a well earned vacation was near
I just want to lie by the ocean somewhere
So I got me a ticket and took to the air
Waiting for doomsday to come

While cruising along on a big DC eight
We heard from our captain we'd be a bit late
"I've a friend in my cockpit with a gun in my ear"
So I spent my vacation in Cuba that year
Waiting for doomsday to come

When I got to New York I was feeling my prime
While waiting my turn in the personel line
Seeking employment for a veteran of war
They said, "While you're waiting, would you please sweep the floor"
Waiting for doomsday to come

And when I returned to the candlelit room
My love was expecting, her cheeks all in bloom
"I've been to such parties since you've been away
If my husband were home, well I'm sure he would say
What a wonderful job you have done"

While riding along on the subway that night
With a hood on my left and a punk on my right
They talked about money and they both looked at me
So I gave them my wallet and we all agreed
'Twas the best thing that I could have done

And so as I walk through the garbage today
All down by Lake Erie where the dead fishes lay
I'm young and I'm healthy and all will be well
I'll make the grade if I can just stand the smell
Waiting for doomsday to come