Talking Silver Cloud Blues

(G) I been singing rock most (C) all my life, I got (D) three little boys and a sweet young wife
I (G) feed 'em good 'cause I (C) make good bread, thank (D) God for the man it said
(G) Rock 'n' roll's the (C) answer son, if you (D) can't beat 'em, join em
(G) Get your guitar, (C) get your drum, get your (D) set of iron clad ear drums
(G) A thousand watt (C) column amp, you're in (D) business son   (G)

Got my first Cadillac in '54, since then I've had about five more
Mercedes Benz and a Porsche or two, the other day I was thinking this wouldn't do
'Cause the price of a Cadillac times two, comes out to the cost of a Rolls Royce new
But soon the Cadillac's obselete and the Rolls Royce is still running sweet
Figure on four years instead of two, before you got to buy something new
Put an extra fifteen hundred in, to pay for the bar and air conditioning
You don't need no chauffeur, get your bartender and ride baby

So the other day I drove down from my hill, went to the bank to get me some bills
And boots and Levis worn in tan, I ambled into the Rolls Royce stand
The showroom floor was quiet that day, I walked up to a silver gray
Silver Cloud all sleek and long, standing ther aloof and so alone
Such a beautiful sight I never did see, it sparkled and shone like a Christmas tree
It was really something to admire, I moved in close and I kicked a tire
Had to get some attention, I got some quickly

Well I was combing my hair down in the chrome, when up steps a man in a herringbone
Said good morning son, may I help you, I said yes sir I'd like to test drive this new Silver Cloud Two
Well he jumped back a pace or so and looked me over from my head to my toe
His face it formed into a sneer, he said sorry kid the car stays here
Don't you kick those tires, don't open the doors, don't touch the chrome
You're getting dandruff on the radiator

Well I got put on for an hour or more, they ushered me in the bossman's door
It wasn't long til I come out, the bossman followed up with a shout
Open the door there, look alive and take this boy for a test drive
In the silver gray, Silver Cloud, the little cat's loaded got lumps in his clothes
You gotta look for those, how do you think I got where I am today, hmm?

Now I'm driving along old 501, listening to them big tires hum
Got to get home before it's five, to take my wife and kids for a drive
Now the moral is, the part that's best, never judge a man by the way he's dressed
Don't brush him off or treat him wrong, he may be the singer of rock songs
Don't you forget it, what's that pounding noise, what's burning
Well the temperature's up and the oil is down, termites running around and around
On my dashboard, spot on my windshield, trade in time